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Manufacturing Facility

Extrusion Section
Make & Nos. 3 Nos. (Lohia Starlinger Make)
Capacity/HR (Kgs) 600Kg
Total 1400Kgs per hour
Salient Features a) Imported T-Die
b) Maag Pump to control denier variations

Postal Bags

Weaving Section: Circular Looms
Make & Nos. Starlinger, Austria - 8
Lohia Starlinger - 32
GCL - 90
Chinese for Leno- 06
Total Looms 136
Type 4 Shuttle - 73
6 Shuttle - 40
6 Shuttle Big - 10
6 Shuttle Extended Big - 2
8 Shuttle - 2
Leno Mesh Looms - 9
Capacity in Mtrs/Day 3,00,000 (Three hundred thousand) meters per day

Woven Fabrics

Stitching Section
Make & Nos. Arm Strong
JUKI (Japan)
Total Machines 100
Type All are Electrically operated

Postal Bags

Cutting Section
Make & Nos. Online Cutting & Stitching Machines-2 Imported From Taiwan.
Type Both are having capacity of 40 bags per minute each.

Printing Section: Printing Machines
No of machines Eleven
Type Flexographic Printing - 9
Rotogravure - 2
Make All from reputed Indian manufacturers
Configuration Two Colour - 2 Nos.
Three Colour - 1 No.
Four Colour - 1 No.
Four Colour (Jumbo Size) - 1 No.
Four Colour roll to roll - 4 Nos.
Additional Features Four Colour roll to roll machines are equipped with on-line Corona Treater, Gusset making devices, Hot-air drying process.
Printing, Gusseting & Cutting is done online.

Lamination Plant
Make & Nos. Total - 2
Features of 1st Plant On-line Corona Treater
Turn Bar
Auto size cutting devices
Sandwich Lamination Unit
Features of 2nd Plant Tandem lamination using two extruders.
Facility to do both side BOPP with registration.
Auto size cutting device.

Lamination Plant

Packing Section
Make & Nos. 5 Nos Hydraulic Bailing Press
2 Nos. Mechanical Bailing Press
1 Nos. Fabric Inspection

Additional Power Generation
We have installed 500 + 200 KVA power generation set as standby power facility.

Laboratory Equipment
1. Tensile Testing Machines
2. Electronic Weighing Scales 10
3. Denier Testing Machines 2
4. UV Testing Machine 1 QLAB
5. UTM Computerised Machine 2

Total Factory Area
2,00,000 Sq.Ft. of Factory building on 9 acres of land.

Machinery Details For HDPE T-SHIRT Bags

Blown Film Plant
Make & Nos. 6 Number From Kabra make , India
Features Max width in roll form - 30inches
Rotating Dia
40Kg output per hour per plant

Blown Film Plant

Cutting & Sealing Machines
Make & Nos. 3 Hemingstone Machinery Co., Taiwan
Features Fully Automatic

Printing Section
Make & Nos. 4
Types Roto-gravuere 6 Colors-1
Flexographics 6 colors-1
Online Roto / Flexo Printing 2 colors-2

Labtesting Equipments
1. Dart Impact Testing Machine
2. Film opacity Testing Machine
3. Gauge measuring micrometer
4. Weighing Machines